Moving to Albania

August 2020, I am going to be moving overseas to teach Kindergarten at an International Missionary school in  Albania.

I am currently raising support for this journey and would appreciate any prayers and donations. You can donate by clicking here: Support Marlie Austin

As you consider partnering with me please read the incredible journey God has had me on over the last 2 years. God is a way maker. Promise keeper. And Miracle Worker.


July 2017: I’m having lunch with a missionary in Albania after my second short term trip there. They ask if I would ever consider moving to Albania. My exact words “I would love that, but I don’t think my parents would let me. And I have student loans. So if God wants me here, He will have to move those mountains.”

July 2018. at a family dinner before my 3rd trip to Albania. My parents literally ask if I’ve considered doing full time missions in Albania. And encourage me to look into serving there full time. FIRST MONTAIN MOVED. Parents approval and blessing.

September 2018. I apply to serve in Albania long term but was told no because of my student loans.

I wanted to go but God said “stay.” It was a year to continue healing, growing and serving. I got to see my parents get remarried to each other in March 2019 after a 5 year divorce.

April 2019: A friend asked how my journey to serving full time in Albania was going and I said “it’s not.” Because ya just cant pay off 10,000 dollars on a preschool teacher salary. She said “why dont you begin praying for God to do something big?” So I prayed “God, this mountain (student loans) is either protecting me or it’s a mountain you are going to move to show Your glory. Change my heart, or move this mountain.”

May 2019: my parents sit me down for a dinner and share that my grandma (without knowing that my loans were a barrier to me serving overseas, and without knowing how much I owed) wrote a check for $10,000 to help me with my loans.

A week before, I heard about an opening at the international missionary school in Albania, for first grade. After that dinner and a week of prayer, I applied, interviewed and was offered the position to teach 1st grade. However that was for August 2019 and with a lot of wise counsel, turned down the offer. Within a day of turning down that offer, the school emailed me offering me the Kindergarten position that would be open for August 2020. I accepted the position and began the process to connect with the sending organization Teach Beyond.

September 2019: I apply, interview, and am accepted to Teach beyond.
I am so excited and still processing all of this but am so humbled that God in all his goodness would take me on this journey and allow me to experience this. HE IS SO GOOD.





For His Glory,


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