Great news!! I got an email today saying  that someone had paid off my student loans! can you believe it? I had over 200 payments to make and now I’m free!! 

Are you sure they paid for all of it? that’s kind of ridiculous. maybe they left some for you to cover. 

Well, come to think of it, I should make sure that they paid for all of it. let me check my account: “You owe $00.00” oh wow well this is great. I was just getting really overwhelmed at the thought of having to make all those payments. 

Why would someone do that? you probably owe that person now. Nothing is ever free.    email them and see what they want from you. 

Maybe you’re right. Let me email them.  to whom it may concern, I noticed you paid off my student loan debt  I was wondering why?? and was wondering if there was anything  I could do to repay you. thanks, a student  

Look they responded! Hello, yes that is true. because I love students and don’t want them to live in debt. you don’t owe me anything. 

That’s so weird. students are so irresponsible going to such expensive colleges. that person is out of their mind to pay for a debt they didn’t owe.  I know what to do. just keep making payments on the loans. that’s the only way to be sure. can’t trust someone you’ve never met  

Are you sure?? I mean my account said it was all paid for,  that guy said it was covered. 

It’s the only realistic option.

Okay, I guess. I’ll pay this thing off on my own. 


Friends, as sinners, we owed a debt.a debt bigger than student loans.   a debt we could never ever pay off. a debt that earned us eternal separation from God. Jesus paid the debt. all of it. All of it. the enemy is going to try and convince you  otherwise. he’s going to fill you with doubt & shame, he’s going to confuse you and convince you that there’s still payments to be made  but rest assured because  the account is closed. He loves you. don’t live this life trying to pay off your own sin. the account is  closed. you can’t add to it or take any of it away. Jesus paid it. rest in His freedom and grace. you are loved.