A letter from Your Flesh

Hello. Allow me to formally introduce myself, although, we are already well acquainted. My name is Flesh. I’m not talking about the tangible gross flesh that zombies eat.  I am flesh. Some call me human nature. Some call me sin. Call me whatever you fancy, I don’t care. I exist in every human being who has ever lived: the young, the old, the crippled, the olympic athletes, the singers, doctors, pastors and politicians. Your mom, dad, your baby cousin and you.

What do I do? Why do I exist? To make you happy. no matter the cost. I want you to get what you want, whenever you want, however you want. Why? Because, you are the most important person and you deserve all the happiness that this earth can offer. How do I do that? Well first let me clarify something.  A lot of people confuse the terminology of flesh. They think all I do is make someone look at porn, masturbate or have a lot of sex. Though, those are all things I do. You’re missing about 90% of my work, if that’s all you notice, my friends.

When you’re at work, and you’re doing the best you can but no one notices. I’m that little spark of anger and that first thought of “I deserve recognition.”

When you’re driving, and someone cuts you off, rides your tail, or goes 10 mph under the speed limit: I’m what makes you act like a raving lunatic.

When you’re at a party and you’ve had too many drinks already, I’m that voice that says “One more. It won’t hurt ya!”

And when you start to feel guilty,  for yelling at your coworkers/boss for not noticing your hard work, and you feel emotionally exhausted from always being so angry in the car, or when you wake up and realized you sent countless of texts to an ex in your drunken stupor. I’m rational voice in your head that justifies your yelling at work, enables your anger the car and stands by your drunk texts.

But don’t be fooled, I’m at work 24/7. In your mind as you fall asleep, I want you to plan out your life, because after all you are in TOTAL control and need to have a plan. I’m in your circle of friends, making sure you know that every event and every gathering needs to be about you and your life because you’re most important. And if that’s not the case, then good riddance, let’s find better friends.

I’m even at your church.  My boss man hates the stuff that goes on there. I make sure your mind wanders frequently during worship, and that if you do ever “feel into worship” that your next thoughts are about how great you are for being so “into worship” unlike all the other people around you. I basically turn the whole church thing into a show  for you , after all,this life is about you. People need to know how much you serve, how often you read that book, how giving and caring you are. Because then they’ll think you are awesome and that’s AWESOME.

Speaking of Boss man, I need to let you know something. A little secret. It’s a long story, an apple, a snake, two people, blah blah blah. But ultimately, I’m going to kill you. I want to kill you. Boss man hates you and He’s got me working for him double time to make sure you die. And I mean physical death, but also on all levels, He just wants ya dead. So sometimes, when I say I want you to be happy, most of the time it means I want you dead. But i’d never tell you that, because then you’d stop listening to me. And I’d lose my power. And boss man would get upset. So it works better for most of us, if you continue to just listen to me and obey. And forget we ever had this talk.

-Your Flesh