A poem for the Twenty Something’s

You see, the last month i have felt out of place.
I’m 22 and just graduated college.
the real world is like a party and that wasn’t invited to.
But i was forced to go anyways.
I walk through the door and every glance and conversation confirms my fear: I don’t belong here.
Analogies aside, tell me you’ve felt this way too.
We spent twelve years as students, life with  peers and writing papers.
And in one day it all ends.
“adulthood” begins
full of potential employers and long applications. I’ve realized something.
We’re walking dichotomies:
Proving ourselves  to the world
while simultaneously feeling so unsure of ourselves.
We are told to follow our dreams but to be realistic.
We have a degree but zero experience.
We can solve quadratic formulas but can’t do our taxes.
We are called young and adults in the same sentence
We are done learning but only just beginning to learn.
We know everything, but we know nothing. 
We are Connected virtually,  but diseased with loneliness and depression.
We are Passionate about changing the world and finishing that show we’re binge watching on Netflix.
I can’t speak for everyone; but I feel like a walking dichotomy.
The world opened the doors to the party, but remember. 
we are all invited. 

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