Shame, Shame

Shame, Shame, I know your name.
You follow me day and night,
not failing to remind me of my failures.

Shame, Shame, you know my name.
You give me a new idenity each morning:
“Failure! Disgusting! Unlovable!”

Shame, Shame, I know your game.
Liar, thief and cheater.
You convince me of lies, you make me a believer.

Shame, Shame, I know of a Name
who leads to your ultimate defeat
He saved me from your grips of death
And in itss place, I receieved an embrace of life.

His name is Jesus, He gives me grace.
In His name, shame, you have no power.
you do not have the final say in this matter.
your voice grow softer as His grows louder,

I can hear Him call me a new name,
It’s short, simple, but life-changing.
He whispers: “You are Mine.”

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