Raise the Armrest

I’ve been working at a movie theater for a month now and I’ve noticed something about the theaters that I clean. And maybe it’s a stretch, but I’m going with it. This Summer some really sad and some really scary movies came out. I.e, The Fault in our Stars, Deliver Us from Evil, The Purge: Anarchy. When I go into those theaters to clean them, I’ve noticed that there are usually 10-15 armrests that are raised, I can only guess that the people seeing the Fault in our Stars or Deliver us From Evil wanted to lean in closer, be closer to the person/people they came to see the movie with so they raised the armrest. They needed each other for comfort. To reassure them that they were not alone. While i cleaned other theaters that were playing comedies or just generally happy movies (Tammy, 22 Jump street) I noticed there were not as many armrests raised. All this to say, we need each other. We need each other during the good times, but especially during the bad times. When the news of loss hits, when we are filled with fear, we need other people. It can be as easy as lifting an armrest, or as difficult as telling someone: “I’m not okay.”

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