Beyond the Surface?

1) My name is Marlie. I am 21. Texan. Middle-class, Caucasian, College student.  Psychology/Political science major.

2) I love cats, meaningful conversation, popcorn, I love rollercoasters, I’m upbeat and love laughing.  I play trumpet and ukulele. I really love writing.

3) A few of my favorite moments: skydiving with my best friend, swimming with dolphins,  when a stranger gave me their front row ticket to my favorite band’s concert.

4) My life changed when: a friend of mine took his life in 2007, when we put my dog down, when I finished my application to GoNow Missions, when I attended Passion Conference 2012,  when my parents split up.


Everyone has a story. “A person is much more than what meets the eye.” And so on and so forth. Upon looking at me you could figure out line number 1 on your own or by a few minutes of talking with me. Number 2 maybe after a week or so of friendship. Number 3 and especially number 4 come with time. People say they want to “deepen” their relationship with people and they do that by sharing personal stuff, their hurts and dreams and fears. My point being is that you couldn’t assume the facts in number 3 or 4 upon looking at me. Just like I couldn’t just figure out your whole life based on looking at you or exchanging a simple “how are you?”  As a psychology major, a people lover, a Christian, I love connecting with people on deeper levels, though.

And I also love going beyond what life appears to be, finding the deeper meaning in what happens in my life. Gosh, that sounds so cliche and dumb. But when something happens to me, I see something, I hear something and in that moment or later on God’s like:
“Marlie, did you see that?”
“Yup, I did.” And then some comparison, analogy hits me. If you’ve read ANY of my blogs, you’ll understand what I mean.

I write using analogies and metaphors because they make sense to me. I’m a visual learner and go figure God knows that and uses things around me to teach me things. Life can be very shallow, things can be very surface-level if we allow it to be. But, I want to go deeper, and I want you to join me.

Let’s go beyond the surface.


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