A letter I received

A letter I found today.

Dear Marlie,

This letter is long overdue. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how desperately I needed to write to you. I need to apologize, for everything, really. I’m sorry for calling you fat, and I’m sorry for calling you ugly. I’m sorry I call you so many names when you make mistakes whether it’s small, like missing a turn on the road, or big like failing a test. The wound is bad enough and I’m sorry for adding salt to it. I’m sorry I scared you out of so many opportunities. But I’m so proud that you have done so many things despite your fear. Courage is courage and whether it is jumping out of a plane, or getting on a stage in front of strangers and speaking. You are one brave soul. You are also so strong. And I am so sorry for calling you weak. You can do much more than I thought and you have proved me wrong countless number of times.

I feel like we don’t really know each other. I used to get mad because you’d avoid me. Drown me out, run from me and I didn’t understand why. And I know now. I was so cruel and unforgiving. And today, I say I am sorry. It won’t fix the hurt from the past, but maybe it’ll mean less pain in the future. And yes, I’ll stop criticizing your driving. You are doing just fine, on the road and in this life. You have come so far and I can’t wait to see where this all takes you. I look forward to this new positive friendship. I bet it will change our lives.




With love,



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