Details, details.

“Matt has swimmer’s ear,” my sponsor told me. 

Those weren’t the words I wanted to hear upon entering the living room. Every Thursday and Saturday, our team would go to hotel pools and lead Kid’s clubs (Think:Vacation bible school.) Orlando has hundreds probably even thousands of resorts and of all the places Matt and I were assigned for the Summer, there just happened to be two boys (9,13) at the hotel pool one morning and the youngest brother accepted Christ after we told them the David and Goliath story and made salvation bracelets. The boys had stayed at the hotel for two weeks with their mom. So after the youngest accepted Christ, we really got to pour into him and his brother. This was our last Kid’s club with them because they were leaving the next day. So to hear that Matt, my partner, had swimmer’s ear was devastating. 

“I don’t see why I should even go today. I can’t even get in the water,” Matt expressed on the car ride over to the hotel. I was frustrated too. This was our last time to hang out with these brothers and we had become pretty good friends with them. The boys were waiting for us in the lobby that morning. The youngest was in bathing suit and flip flops, the oldest one was not. 

“You not swimming, dude?” Matt asked him. 
“Nah, I got swimmer’s ear…what about you?”
Matt and I both exchanged glances. 
“I got swimmer’s ear too, dude.” A high-five ensued and we all headed out to the pool. Usually, on Saturdays the pool was full of children, but this morning it was empty. 

For two hours, Matt and Andrew sat at the table by the pool and talked about christian rap music and other things. Meanwhile, Kyle and I took turns diving for the sinking pool rings. At the end of the morning, Kyle ran up to me and had this toy in his hand. He handed it to me and said “I want to give you this, so you’ll always remember me.”  And I still have that toy, it sits in my desk at college. I remember Kyle. And I also remember that God is in the details. And that God is in the frustrations. What the world means for evil, even just swimmer’s ear, God works it out for good. 


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