Poured out

Hi guys.

It’s been awhile. Just wanted to let yall know I’m not dead nor have I forgotten about this blog. I am a full-time college student, but more than that I don’t like to force myself to write something. With most of my posts, God gives me an idea, my heart pounds and flutters until I find time to sit down and write. I write it, skim it for grammar, then post it.  Lately, that hasn’t happened and  whether it was God’s idea or mine, it looks like I have taken a little unplanned hiatus from writing. Surface level, SCHOOL BE CRAZY, but on a spiritual level I got burnt out. I had to and need to rest in the Lord. Let myself just be before the Lord and be satisfied in the knowledge that Jesus is enough. Jesus is enough.  And that all sounds so cliche,  but my life got to the point where I could talk about God, sing songs about God and write about God but it had been weeks since I spent any time with Him. I wrote about His love, but did not take the time to experience His love. Now, I’m taking some time to study, grow and experience God again, to be still and listen to guidance of the Spirit  and to allow people God has placed in my life like pastors, mentors etc. to pour into me. So that I can better pour into this blog. 

I will be back, love and peace. 


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