A child is swinging at a park as the sun sets. His father calls to him and tells him to follow him home. He gets off the swing and begins to walk towards him but as he does he becomes distracted. The field to his right had a lot of kids running around and playing. They were chasing the fireflies. The child, being a child, wanted to too. So he did. He began to chase one, one second he was running full speed after a firefly the next his face was in dirt. He had tripped over a log. Children around him were still giggling as they chased their fireflies. The child had rolled over on his back, only to see a hand in front of him. The child continued to look up and realized it was his father, there to pick him up. The child accepted the hand and stood there in disbelief as his father picked him up and dusted him off. 

Our world is full of unsatisfying things to chase. We make gods out of money, our things and people. We enjoy the chase until it stops going our way. The money stops coming in, our car breaks down, or someone we love disappoints us. When things like this happen we face plant. We turn over on our backs looking for help, when the least expected thing happens. Our Father, Our God, offers His hand. 

We didn’t listen to him, we rejected him. He has every right to close the door, lock it and never look back. But, He does quite the opposite. He runs towards us, He forgives. He is everlasting, unchanging, the only constant light we have in our life. 


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