Candy Crushed

I told myself I wouldn’t do it, but I did. There was no way that I’d get into that, but weeks later, I’m neck-deep. Truth is, I need help.

I’m a Candy Crush Addict.

The bright colors, and realistic looking candy and catchy music got me hooked.There are adorable smiling characters cheering you on as you journey through levels that resemble the 90’s board game “Candy Land.” I reached level 35 recently, and I was stoked. Finally got out of lemonade lake or whatever.  However, I recently found out that there are hundreds levels. HUNDREDS. You mean…I’ll never win? Yet the fact that there is no “winning” hasn’t stopped me from spending hours a week playing this game. Why? Why even try? Well, It’s those short bursts of happiness I get after winning. They are rather addicting. I spend weeks on a level and I finally win. But do I really win if another level is just thrown at my face to taunt me for another few weeks?  It’s like i’m trapped in a cycle I can’t get out of. No matter how frustrated or upset I get at a level, I keep playing. I play during meals, meetings, when I’m with friends. It’s consuming my life.  In the end it’s all just mindless fun, a to way pass time, right? And it’s okay because everyone else is doing it, too, right?  And in the end, if I decide to, I can just delete the app from my phone.

If only it was that easy in life. We all get stuck in cycles of sin; whether it’s addiction or just a never ending search for that new thing that will satisfy you. The hole in your heart can not be filled with a new car, that new boyfriend, or by being the most popular kid in school. These things aren’t inherently bad, but they can become bad if you become consumed by one of these things, obsessing over it…I remember telling myself “If I could just pass this level…then i’ll be happy.” false. Sure I was happy for a bit, but then it wore off. Same with when I try and find my satisfaction in new stuff or pleasing people.  I got a new phone and it’s great  but I still want more. I make someone happy, and that makes me happy but they’ll be upset again later. Everything under the sun is meaningless,  stuff breaks and you can’t please everyone.

Addiction is a very real problem. Drinking, drugs, cutting, pornography. It’s a very dark world full of sin that consumes and takes over people’s lives. We use justification and comparison as defense mechanisms. I saw a facebook status from someone that said in a nutshell “I’m sure glad I never got addicted to candy crush. Those people waste a lot of time playing it.” To me it read “gosh, I’m so glad I’m better than all those candy crush addicts…i don’t waste any time with my life because I don’t play candy crush.” and it really rubbed me the wrong way. Whether you play candy crush or bubble breaker or Call of duty, wasting time=wasting time. And it reminded me of how judgemental us Christians can be. No matter how we sin, internal or external, doesn’t make a bit of difference to God. Sin is sin. Jesus called out the pharisees for being more concerned with their outwardly cleanliness than  what was on the inside. “I’m so glad I’m not like others, I don’t get drunk, have sex or steal things.” Riiiight. You might not, but you got sin…pride…, internal sins.  Let’s all stop pretending like we have it all together,and are perfect  little Christians.

Wake up. Break the cycle of addiction, the endless quest for satisfaction in earthly things. It might not be as easy as deleting an app, but it’s worth it.

Take a listen to  Awake my Soul by Mumford and Sons.


  1. I had to laugh a little when I first read this. I had the similar sentiment occur in my life with Candy Crush. I recently uninstalled that little beast.Thank you for sharing this. I agree that , ” Addiction is a very real problem. Drinking, drugs, cutting, pornography. It’s a very dark world full of sin that consumes and takes over people’s lives. We use justification and comparison as defense mechanisms.” May Father shed light on our hearts and the hearts of others. Keep sharing and loving others through your writing!

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