Do-nut even remind me.

I ate ants today.
Now before you judge me too harshly, let me explain.

I was rushed to get to class (as always) because I press snooze too many times (as always) so I didn’t have time to make breakfast. No big deal. I grabbed a bag of mini chocolate donuts I had bought a few days ago and brought it to class with me. I continued my journey to better health by putting aspartane in my system with a nice refreshing Diet Coke from the vending machine.  I got to class and started to munch away as my professor went about lecturing on statistics. Four or five donuts later (they are small), I noticed a little tiny sugar ant crawling across my desk. Followed by another one in my binder.  followed by three or four. my friend, noticing my concern, looked in the bag of donuts and said: “Marlie…umm..they’re in the bag…marlie there are ants in the donuts.” A rather large lump developed in my throat and I excused myself from class. Whether or not I actually consumed ants, I don’t know.  And frankly, I don’t want to know.

But there is something I want you to know. A very true and gross  story aside, I learned something today.

I saw chocolate donuts. I wanted them and grabbed them. Sometimes in life we want things; a relationship, a job, scholarship at that dream university. we see them as golden opportunities, things we must have. But what if there are ants that we are unaware of? And when we spend weeks on end, in tears while we beg and plead God to give us what we want, God looks down and sees the ants of the situation that we can’t see. We see a new job or dating this person or that person as a delicious chocolate donut, something we want. God (all-knowing) sees the ants that we can’t see and wants to steer us away from a potentially bad experience.

I would have loved for someone to had known about those ants before I had eaten four or five of those donuts. Would have saved me a lot of nausea, panic and just utter disgust. If you really want something, pray that God will reveal any ants in the situation and that the desires of His heart will become the desire of yours.


  1. Marlie,
    You have a knack for seeing spiritual application in everyday situations. Your heart is attune to lessons from the Holy Spirit that most of us would never notice. Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

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